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Row 1: Slip 1, purl across, turn Row 2: K to last stitch , SKPO, using one stitch that was on the left needle, turn. Repeat until you have a total of 10 triangles and your tote is off the needles. Repeat these 10 sts I cord for a total of 40 inches. Take the tail from the beginning of handle and weave through the first ten stitches and secure. Return tote to washer and let run through the cycle.

Row 3: Slip 1, P across to last tow sts, P2tog,turn. Tote base: With Color A pick up 130 stitches Knit 3 rounds with color A Knit 2 rounds with color B Knit 2 rounds with color C Knit 2 rounds with color D Knit 2 rounds with color E Knit 2 rounds with color B Knit 2 rounds with color A Purl 4 rounds Next round : pick up and knit together with the stitch on the left needle and the bar from the last knit round. Knit 1 round Next round: K 4, K2tog, repeat around. Felting Instructions: Be sure to secure all yarn ends. Remove tote and block with plastic bags inside to help hold its shape.

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AB = Amsler und Blank Schaffhausen ALz = Affolter und Lenk Zrich A B = Amsler und Blank Schaffhausen AK = Adolf Knapp Rheinfelden BS = Burri, Schmid und Compangie Luzern WA = Wahl und Aemmer Basel W&A= Wahl und Aemmer Basel C = Cordier und Compagnie Bellefontaine ET = von Erlach und Compagnie Thun F&S = Freuler und Sohn Glarus GI = Gamma und Inganger Altdorf PH = Peter Haenni Sitten VS = Valentin Sauerbrei Basel S. Klaus Genf S&W = Socin und Wick Basel SW = Socin und Wick Basel EWy = Escher-Wyss und Compagnie Zrich Wv S = W.

T = Jean Ruckstuhl Tss GSW = Gebrder Sulzer Winterthur Th K = Th.

von Steiger Thun, vormals von Erlach MST = Markus Steiger Thun FG = Fabrique des armes Genve Cb = Camenzind Bouchs SL = Seiler Liestal MT = Meili Trogen MO = Johann Mundwiler Olten H = Hmmerli Lenzburg KB = Kaspar Bsch St. Jaquet Genve LKa = Leonhard Kstli Altdorf LK = Leonhard Kstli Altdorf Ms = J.

Gauge: Gauge is not as important on this project as it is not a fitted item.

The approximate size of the finished tote is 9”x11” and 35” around, not including handles.

The felting process make this tote soft and supple. Beim abklemmen plus weg dann minus beim Einbau dann genau. Ich habe in meiner Infrarotfernbedienung zwei CR2016 Batterien drin, Micra [K11] Batterie im Schlüssel wechseln und NATS einstellen? She has taught classes through various yarn stores, Community Education Programs, fiber fairs; as well as in 4-H programs around Idaho.She has been designing her own unique projects and patterns for numerous year and she has spent several years as a pattern tester for many yarn and design companies.

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