Is dating your sister

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After much thought I finally hit the accept button to his friend request.

I figured it’s been 15 years, we’re both grown adults now and yes, part of me wanted him to see just how fabulous I turned out.

She could be “talking” to any of my exes and I would feel the same exact way I’m feeling now.

It’s called the Girl Code and she needs to respect it.

They’re about finding someone you click with and can learn from — and if you’re lucky, create a life with.

But, as we know, most relationships end eventually, and there can be a tendency to protect their memory or somehow preserve the feelings we had while in them.

Not every relationship is created equal, and you shouldn’t apply some silly “code” to all of them as if they are.

It turns out, they went out to dinner the other night and my sister finds him “very interesting and good looking.” I told her I feel weird about them dating, and I swear if she wasn’t my sister I would have told her where to go the minute this happened.

Her whole body had soap bubbles on it, and her short, wet hair clung to her face.

Her pink nipples were larger than I expected and looked soft and puffy.

"All right everyone, go find your bedrooms," my mom, Samantha, yells at us from the car. You can have the one on the other side of the wall," Laura told her brother. Since Laura is so private about her sex life, I've always wondered how sexual she actually is.

We all unpacked our things and were laying in our beds on our phones. Maybe she wants to have sex but thinks it's wrong, or maybe she just hasn't found the perfect guy.

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