Dating death review

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Unfortunately, reality is biting back in a big way.

Lil's got mounting bills to pay and clients to keep happily hooked up courtesy of Dead End Dating, the ultimate meet-and-greet for New York's fanged, furry, and fabulous.

The race is on as Lil struggles to save Ty (and herself) before all hell breaks loose.

Just One Bite (Dead End Dating #4) THE STAKES HAVE NEVER BEEN HIGHER.

After only three months, business is booming, and she can finally pay her bills (or, more important, feed a hungry cosmetics addiction).

But when one of her clients turns up dead (as in never coming back), Lil is named as the prime suspect. Sure, she’s a vampire, but she can’t even work up her nerve when it comes to blood-sucking.

Between saving Evie from eternal damnation and saving herself from Vinnie’s lethal ultimatum, Lil is sure to be in for the most hellish ride of her afterlife.

Sucker for Love (Dead End Dating #5) by Kimberly Raye 4.0 of 5 stars 4.00  · rating details  · 827 ratings  · 32 reviews Divalicious darling of the undead Lil Marchette is" this close" to finding her own happily-ever-after with hunky live-in bounty hunter Ty Bonner.

Leaving Ty warming the bed, Lil races to rescue Esther's curvy behind before she's turned into a Mayan sacrifice.Plus, the to-die-for-if-I wasn’t-already-dead Ty Bonner, a lusciously sexy lover but totally unsuitable eternity mate, is never far from her midnight fantasies. She must prove her innocence and focus on pairing off the dead and the furry–and maybe stake a claim to her own tasty true love. (Dead End Dating #3) BEING DEAD CAN KILL A SOCIAL LIFE!For Lil Marchette, the owner of Manhattan’s premier dating service for vampires (and a dazzling denizen of the dark herself), death is all in a night’s work.Here Comes the Vampire (Dead End Dating #6) by Kimberly Raye 3.86 of 5 stars 3.86  · rating details  · 72 ratings  · 7 reviews Top matchmaker and owner of Manhattan’s primo hook-up service, Dead End Dating—and one scorching hot vampire herself—Lil Marchette knows a little something about happily ever afterlife.But the bat hits the fan when she wakes up in the Las Vegas Mayan Resort and Casino hung-over and hitched to an old friend (and fellow night-lifer) who is NOT her bounty-hunting steady Ty Bonner.

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